cinematography, video, filmmaking


We are Laina and Taylor, siblings, friends and teammates living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our childhood love for making home movies and telling stories together has become our passion and profession in adulthood—though our style has grown in elegance since the days of filming scooter tricks in the basement! We create wedding films, commercial work, and creative projects/short films, and are now booking clients for all three!

We are passionate about directing, shooting, and editing, and love to see projects through from conception to completion. We are creatives at heart and love collaborating and making friends along the way. We believe that it is this blend of the artistic with the strategic, the story-weaving with the technical, the personal with the professional that will make FOLKS a wholly refreshing experience for you and yours. Let's start a conversation--we would love to be a part of telling your story.



We are searching for the special moments - the fun ones, the exciting ones, the deep ones. The perfect shot, for us, captures those feelings. We listen to the couple, the guests, the story. As artists, we are aware of the light, the depth, the contrast, the colours.

We're always thinking about how each shot echoes the heart-beat of the wedding day itself.

On the editing floor, we are creating sequences by arranging the moments to the right mood. And we don't stop until we get it right.

And maybe you've noticed, we're pretty into that indie-film vibe.